Cloud Solutions

Our customers are looking to optimize efficiency to gain competitive agility. Because of this, cloud adoption is accelerating across regions and industries. Businesses are finding that the sooner they integrate cloud solutions into their processes, the more agile they are in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

From assessment to migration and implementation, Nordicom Technologies helps customers think strategically about desired business outcomes, investment priorities, deployment models, service providers, talent sourcing, and cloud policies.

Colocation Services

With access to colocation services, businesses can take the next step in their digital transformation. A colocation ecosystem integrates data center hubs with high- performance private connections.

Colocation services allow you to rent space for your servers and other hardware at a provider’s data center facility. As a result, you can reduce the expenses associated with maintaining your own facility. At the same time, you will still have ownership and complete control of your servers.

Cloud Networking

With cloud networking, you can provide your team with a scalable, predictable, and secure connection to the cloud. Bring your data centers and public and private clouds together in a hybrid environment. With optimal cloud services, you can rest assured that your documents, systems, private information, and databases will remain available even in the event of a power outage, cyberattack, or human error.

AT&T has a vast ecosystem of cloud providers, ultimately providing access to thousands of cloud applications.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Even if you do experience a cyberattack or human error that results in the loss of documents or sensitive information, we offer cloud disaster recovery services.

When you rely on the cloud to protect your virtual valuables, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you can get them back no matter what happens to your devices.

With today’s broader distributed networks, technology infrastructures include multiple operating systems, apps, cloud-based services, sensors, car connections, other IoT devices, and more. As a result, today’s networks require secure local and global connectivity that is responsive, fast, and scalable.

While virtual data centers provide numerous benefits for public and private security, security is also paramount outside of your own environment.

With Nordicom Technologies as your comprehensive technology solutions partner, you can feel confident that you have the best of both worlds: effective, powerful solutions that are safe and secure.

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