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AT&T FlexWare

AT&T FlexWare is a global network infrastructure solution that leverages Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies to simplify network infrastructure and virtualize key network functions.

Traditional technology architecture can be complicated with unnecessary hardware. The AT&T FlexWare architecture minimizes hardware and simplifies networks by integrating components. Each dynamic device and software are combined to create a more modern technology infrastructure.

As a result, you can quickly deploy and easily manage multiple virtualized network functions with less equipment. With FlexWare, you can also scale your network services rapidly and on demand.


Enabled through our partner such as VeloCloud, SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to managing wide-area networks. With cloud-based systems being an integral element of modern technology, traditional WANs no longer provide the necessary tools required for efficient workplace structures.

SD-WANs optimize user experiences and efficiency for software-as-a-service (SaaS) and public cloud applications. It simplifies operations with automation and cloud- based management, improves application performance, and increases agility.

Fixed Wireless

AT&T’s fixed wireless internet delivers high-speed internet service to eligible rural households and small businesses via an outdoor antenna and indoor Wi-Fi gateway router.

Internet access can be spotty in rural areas, but with AT&T’s fixed wireless internet solutions, you can connect with confidence whether it’s for work or play.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated internet access is a private connection between your business and the worldwide web. You won’t have to compete with other businesses or individuals for bandwidth. As a result, you can enjoy faster upload and download speeds, as well as increased network security.

High-Speed Internet

Nordicom Technologies can design and install high-speed internet for multisite complex engagements while focusing on security, efficiency, and ease of use. With our powerful solutions through our partners, you will get reliable and consistent high-speed internet, even at peak times.


Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) enables enterprises and service providers to build next-generation intelligent networks that deliver a wide variety of advanced, value-added services over a single infrastructure. This solution can be integrated seamlessly over any existing technology infrastructure.

Integration of MPLS application components enables the development of highly efficient, scalable, and secure networks that guarantee Service Level Agreements.

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