Full Life Cycle Technology Solutions with Nordicom

Nordicom Technologies offers a full life cycle model of technology solutions to address your specific needs. Our customized solutions for infrastructure and technology implementation allows large enterprises to interact with their teams, their partners, and their consumers easily with reliability, security, and efficiency.

Internet & WAN Networking Solutions

Create business agility with scalable, secure, low-latency, and high availability transport and networking services.
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Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions

In today’s world, individuals within organizations find themselves working across vast geographies on a seemingly limitless number of devices that run a mix of platforms, software versions, and applications. Unified Communications and Collaboration aggregate these complex variables into a streamlined, easy-to-use interface to increase productivity and efficiency.
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Cyber Security Solutions

If companies are to succeed in becoming business resilient to cyberattacks, they will need a robust cybersecurity strategy in place. Nordicom has key partnerships with the best and most respected cyber security firms in the world. We work with our customers to create Cyber Resiliency and help protect their data and assets.
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Cloud Solutions

Our customers are looking to optimize efficiency to gain competitive agility in a modern workplace. Because of this, cloud adoption is accelerating across regions and industries. Businesses are finding that the sooner they adoptcloud, the more agile they are in an increasingly competitive marketplace. From assessment to implementation, migration, and management, Nordicom helps our customers think strategically about desired business outcomes, investment priorities, deployment models, service providers, talent sourcing, and cloud policies.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Nordicom offers a number of services to help customers jumpstart IoT deployments, including site surveys, solution development, and device staging, as well as offerings extending to lifecycle functions with dedicated triage and ongoing account and platform management.
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Make Nordicom Technologies your partner for a full life cycle model of technology solutions. We’re here to help optimize your technology infrastructure and modern workplace capabilities.

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