Cyber Security Solutions

If companies are to succeed in becoming resilient to cyberattacks, they will need a robust cyber security strategy in place.

Our cyber security solutions team at Nordicom Technologies has key partnerships with the best and most respected cyber security firms in the world. We work with our customers to create cyber resiliency and help protect their data and assets.

Gain peace of mind with Nordicom Technologies as your technology security partner.

Threat Management

Nordicom Technologies can help prevent cyberattacks through comprehensive cybersecurity threat management. We will identify any potential weaknesses in your technology infrastructure in order to stop attacks before they happen.

The most powerful systems, however, may fall prey to skilled cyber thieves. Even if you do experience an attack, our effective threat management solutions will help you recover seamlessly and quickly.

Data and App Security

Medical facilities, financial institutions, and government agencies are among the organizations that require robust data and app security. With information like debit card numbers, social security numbers, and health records at stake, you can’t leave your systems vulnerable to attack.

With powerful and innovative partners such as Palo Alto Networks, Nordicom Technologies will implement data and app security precautions to help ensure that your records are not compromised.

Network Cyber Security Solutions

Network cyber security solutions are critical for complex multisite agencies as well as smaller companies. With our robust solutions, you can rest assured that your systems are protected from both accidental and malicious cyber threats.

Mobile Security

The use of mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and cellphones is becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace. As teams began working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers further realized its benefits. As a result, many have turned to hybrid work environment structures.

Mobile security is now of the essence to protect your sensitive information, whether it’s in the office or on the go. Our next-generation solutions take advantage of existing standards, but we also stay one step ahead to protect your business from future cyberattacks.

IoT Security

IoT security focuses on safeguarding connected devices and networks in the internet of things. IoT involves adding internet connectivity to a system of interrelated devices, machines, objects, and people with a unique identifier.

IoT security refers to the techniques, strategies, and tools used to secure internet- connected or network-based devices.


The Nordicom Technologies consulting team has industry experts in enterprise networking, infrastructure, and cyber security. By leveraging advances in cloud infrastructure, intelligent operations, and modern applications, we help enterprises deliver on the promise of digital transformation.

Protect what’s important to you and your business with our powerful and robust cyber security solutions. Contact us to begin a Cyber Security Audit and Posture review.

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